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Magic KRK 2020

In these photograph the world freezes in a flash, revealing a face that is usually invisible. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Pilichowski-Ragno has an eye for surreal juxtapositions, strange combinations, and surprising arrangements of elements. As a result: with his vigilant gaze he peeks under the lining of the visible one and tells it to take a closer look. It penetrates the zone which Georges Perec – so sensitive to the peculiar vibrations of everyday life – called l’infraordinaire, what henceforth is. It is this world that secretly leans out of ordinaryness, connected with it by an invisible thread. But who simply does not want to shut up. That is why the photos we look at shake our sense of obviousness and our sense of reality. Something appears in them that common sense should not happen, that should not be. And it is. And now we cannot say that we did not see it …
Prof. Dariusz Czaja